Work History

photo (42)I have offered training and facilitation to companies, institutions and not-for-profit organizations for the last twenty five years. Sessions have focused on creating and organizational effectiveness through the use of specific tools like the ones mentioned on this blog. To my knowledge, there are few people in the world that combine mind mapping with the HBDI – and I add a few other models created by people I have studied and admired. My clients have found the combinations helpful. The best reward is to be asked back to work with them again. The focus is on creating the results you want – most likely by solving problems that you already know about.

I also have more than 25 years experience in conducting and writing feasibility and operations studies, as well as facilitation for organizational change. The studies were designed to be action plans rather than documents that sit on the shelf. Using VisiMap software and the HBDI in my own work, I also wrote a book about how these could help others and it is still available in e-book format here. I have enjoyed keeping in touch with clients to see how they are following up. Generally the news has been good.

I’d be glad to hear from you and learn about what you you are doing. You can contact me here

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