Visual Mapping

Sample Map Ideas matter and I want to get them organized in a hurry. I have found you can jump start your brain with visual mapping software. If you love to doodle and jot ideas down fast, one good option is VisiMap Professional. It’s not the most graceful of the software of its type and there are others with more bells and whistles, but it does what mind mapping is intended to do – organize ideas. When key ideas are in front of you, you can see relationships and order and organize them, – especially when they are all on the same page. Then you can export your map to other programs and formats – like a document or a graphic. One click and you’ve experienced major mind mapping benefits and can move on and do something.

If you are new to the concept you can follow my guide for the absolute beginner called How_to_Mind Map.

If you have already downloaded VisiMap, you can find a Guide for the Absolute Beginner here called How to VisiMap

If you have never tried visual mapping or visual mapping software and working this way, now’s your chance.Try the software free for sixty days and experience the difference.

Some years ago we asked our customers what they actually used VisiMap for. An astounding number of them told us their stories.

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