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Listening to the Story

Happy New Year!

If I were to make a resolution in helping clients in any context – it would probably be to listen more and talk less.

And one of the things it would be worth listening to is the metaphor. One of my English professors many years ago decried the fall of the metaphor in favour of the simile in poetry, but metaphors are alive and well in everyday speech.

A provocative take on this is provided by Andy Austin in his work in Metaphors of Movement. He observes that we use them in several ways – to describe feelings, to provide context, to analyze our situations. These are mini stories, that like all metaphors, capture a huge amount of information in a single frame. They can also provide clues to what is wrong with our approach – particularly in how we are trying to solve a problem, or in our expectations of how to deal with it.

An amusing example is the business leader who comments that he has spent two years planning and building a business – and it is not taking off. Austin’s comment is that something so solidly built is actually not likely to take off. Wings won’t help. It’s solid and intended to stay put.

Brick Wall

So listening to the metaphor – and especially listening for the discrepancy between two of them can provide some insight into where we might be getting it wrong.

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When Ideas have Sex

Author Matt Ridley used this rather provocative title recently to forward further ideas of a collective brain that is emerging. In spite of horror stories that populate our daily newspapers there are some amazing statistics about the state of human lives that re worthy of reflection. Our world does not rely on individual intelligence but on collective knowledge and skills that are interdependent on networks.

Matt spoke recently on TED talks and you can hear what he has to say here

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Thinking Accelerator is award winning finalist



Herrmann International has been selected as a finalist for the prestigious 2009 Learning In Practice awards, sponsored by Chief Learning Officer magazine. The selection recognizes Herrmann’s newest program, The Thinking Accelerator™ featuring HBDIinteractive™, as a finalist in the Excellence in Content category.

We received a record number of nominations this year,” says Mike Prokopeak, Vice President and Editorial Director of MediaTec Publishing. CLO’s panel of judges, which is composed of industry experts and executives from some of the world’s largest and most-respected companies, determined that The Thinking Accelerator™ featuring HBDIinteractive™ was one of the top entries in the Excellence in Content category.

The official announcement will be made at the Fall Chief Learning Officer Symposium, scheduled for Sept. 28-30, 2009 at the Broadmoor, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As a finalist, Herrmann International will receive either the gold, silver or bronze award during a presentation ceremony on Tuesday, Sept. 29.