Free Maps & Diagrams

As someone who has used visual mapping for several years, I am happy to share some I created in VisiMap as well as by hand. There may be other other diagrams as well You will find them listed here.

Here’s a recent one that deals in diagram format called the Charisma Consensus continuum. It particularly applies to the game of follow the leader.

The Art Project is an example of using a map as a summary of an article. This one summarizes a chapter of Betty Edward’s excellent book, Drawing on the Artist Within, in which she summarizes the steps that one has to take before proceeding.

The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) (R) is an assessment tool that measures thinking preference. Since research indicates that thinking styles are evenly balanced among entire populations, it would be a good idea to be able to appeal to everyone. So here is a tool to assess any publication or presentation where you have to attract a wide spectrum. It’s called the HBDI Walkaround and you can look at your publication or presentation from all the perspectives.

Conference planning was a large part of my life some years ago – before I knew anything about mapping. A template like this one could act as the start of a plan and allow one to manage the multiple tasks in a Conference Implementation Plan

Here is a map for contingency planning. The model was not original and was provided by a colleague – but the map is my creation. Just click to enlarge it.

Maps are a great way to develop job requirements. Here’s one that I created to help a client identify the characteristics required in a general manager.

I’ve added a map showing how you can use them to summarize books. Twyla Tharp’s  The Creative Habit can be accessed here.  Hand drawn maps are fun – and meaningful to their creators as works of art!

More maps and diagrams will appear here from time to time.

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