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Real Republishing

See What You Think (2)When a colleague introduced me to Smashwords – she republished her husband’s excellent book book that originally came out in 1990 – I couldn’t resist doing the same with one  of mine that came out in 2006 – though a manual dates almost immediately, unlike the well written history of a Toronto landmark.

My book was written to help those interested in real life applications for mindmapping software – using the software program, VisiMap, as listed in the menu above.  The ideas in it apply to any software or hand drawn maps in this now broad software class.  So if you would like a free copy you can access it here.

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Why Visual Tools?

I’m enjoying Mindmeister as an online mapping program.  It follows the principles Tony Buzan espouses by making it easy to add colour and image to the key words on the map.  The one thing that I wish the programmer would do would be to make it easier to access the images from the menu.  It took a few trials before I got it into my head where to go for that.  VisiMap also makes it even easier to add new branch material by just starting to type on anything highlighted.  I’d like to see that improvement too.  But otherwise the design is very attractive. I notice that the images that I am using takes rather a long time to load. I like to use quality photos and the kind of embedding going on make the map images slow to load. Too many people having fun perhaps?

A small group of colleagues are starting to develop a number of digital samples.  So this one is the first to go into a new category. Have a look at the new map.

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Preaching what they practise

This video link should stimulate your appetite to learn more about visual thinking.  It’s worth noting how many forms you know and are already putting into practice yourself.

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Good Start for a New Year

Happy New Year – and let’s start with possibility as summarized in Ben and Roz’s Zander’s wonderful book. You can enlarge the map if you need to by clicking on it

There are two good uses for Maps – note making – getting your ideas down, having a look at them and sorting out what their order should be in order to move toward doing something about them – but also note taking – summarizing other peoples’ ideas and practices. Maps need to be inspirational in this second mode – with reminders of the emotional tone as well as the fact of the message. So that’s why I took the time to add images to this one – created in VisiMap– to make it more evocative. I also added notes under some of the headings.

The Art of Possibility is a great reminder for starting the year. It’s not new, but that doesn’t make it any less relevant. If you want a copy of the map with the attached notes, just ask. It is easy to send. And making further comments about what it says will keep me busy for a few days.

I rediscovered this book in my own library through reading another one, Nancy Duarte’s Resonate. She references the TED talk that Zander gave as a model of what a presentation should be. Meeting him there where he embodies what he cares about is also a model for all of us going forward.