photo (42)Right now I am a writer who takes pictures with an Iphone.

That is more concise than educator- consultant- facilitator- classroom teacher- executive director of a not-for-profit -fundraiser- workshop leader- tour director- concert producer- conference planner- speaker and workshop presenter- amateur actor- amateur painter- amateur musician- volunteer – knowing a little bit about a lot of things.. Last but not least,  I am an enthusiastic parent of four sons and have wonderful four grandchildren. The latter are my newest teachers.

What my previous paid work and continuing volunteer efforts involve is helping people to create, develop, organize and refine ideas leading to better relationships and good decisions – and geting stuff done. My clients have included governments, corporations, universities and colleges, small businesses, not-for-profits and individuals.

I’ve been an early adapter of computer technology. Though one of my sons is now an expert in software testing, he is the first to acknowledge that I turned on a PC slightly before he did – and I enjoyed the early days of Compuserve Forums, one page websites, and Mosaic.  I’ve been a distributor of VisiMap software world wide since 1994.. I gained an accreditation in Mind Mapping from the Buzan Organization the same year and I became a certified assessor in the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) in 1997. Both of these are still important in my volunteer and personal life.  I wrote a book about them that is available here in hard copy – and now here as an ebook for free..   I’m also a fan of visual models and something of a visual evangelist.

I had a really early one page website from the mid nineties and a business one in the past known as Dynamic Thinking  I’ve also written two or three blogs and after learning to mount videos, I’ve become a curator of other people’s stuff and have fun finding other things of interest to share.

One of the reasons to blog is to engage in conversation. Please feel free to comment or ask questions here.  I promise to write back as soon as possible.  I welcome interaction and learn from it. You can also find a portfolio with various samples in other places on the menu of this site.