After months of denigrating Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton as the most unpopular presidential candidates the US ever had, and feeling so superior to both, why are we surprised that the worst man won?  We had our own role in preparing well for this outcome.  Our own language has made the F word boring from over-use. We spend hours on reality TV and elevate people who are famous for being famous.  We are quick to wring our hands at what the other guys say without necessarily cleaning up our own act.  We criticize others rather in somewhat the same tone that we decry when they use it against us.  We have acted more like consumers than the citizens we were supposed to be. As Canadians we were entertained.  This allowed us to be distracted and avoid our own problems in our own country.  And they are legion.

So now there is a price to pay.  Most of us will not sit on governing bodies. But if everything is political, we make choices every moment.  We get ourselves exactly where we are now.  Never mind what the US president elect will do.  What will we do?