Re-reading Reality is Broken

Been away for a spell working on other projects – but picking up a book or two at the local library – because it’s summer – has been really fruitful.

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of hearing Jane McGonigal talk about her book and project, Superbetter – complete with its own mobile app.  But I had not read her earlier book and I look forward to exploring it in more depth in the next few days.  My own way of summarizing the key points is mapping it so here it is.  There is a bigger map version here.

Jane McGonigal 2011

The book was originally written in 2011 and I was curious to see how the gaming industry has expanded on the basis of her guess.  It was well above her earlier prediction.  So here’s a start on this with more to come.


The title – reality is broken – means that too many people would rather escape to an unreal world which offers more in so many ways.  As a game designer, McGonigal sees the potential of moving the satisfaction and learning of the virtual world back to the real one.  It’s a great idea.