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Software for Health – or Not!


News today from the the Consumer Electronics Show was all about Healthy Apps.  A more personal news stream told me about a friend’s crash of Windows 10.  I could sympathize because I had the same problem with the new version of MS Office

The automatic download of the latest upgrade meant that none of my icons would bring me to the connected programs, which Windows 10 now insists are Apps..  So I couldn’t access any file.  A Google search indicated that I was not alone and a few proposed solutions appeared – not, of course from Microsoft.  I tried several without success and finally signed on to Microsoft’s live chat.  After 10 minutes of announcements that someone would be with me instantaneously, a Chatter appeared and asked what the problem was – no actually she asked “How can I help you?”.  I told her and the Chatter took me through the same steps that I had already tried three or four times. Her solution?  “It appears that you have a problem”.  I chatted back, “Well duh”. This chat was going nowhere. She tried to connect me with tech support to no avail.  In desperation I logged off, went to the program file and decided to uninstall the program  There was also a last minute fix option.  It worked.  The proper icons for the upgrade appeared for the first time. This little escapade took about ninety minutes and it was not the reason for logging on in the first place.

I wonder what would happen if the millions of PC users tracked the hours that they spent trying to fix things.  Yes I know, I could switch to a Mac to join my Ipad and Iphone which work pretty well most of the time.  But what would happen if software releases were properly tested in the first place and saved us hours of time?  We might actually be productive instead of joining the MS volunteer tech support department sans wagers or benefits.  We might even make use of those new healthy apps instead of becoming sick of technology.


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  1. Bob Alexander says:

    Have you ever walked through the Yorkdale Mall and wondered why the Apple Store was packed and the Microsoft Store practically next door was empty?

    Just a thought.

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