Writing More


On New Year’s Day, a weak resolution…….

A good way to start a new year is a re-read of an ongoing journal of the past year.  It’s a sad and comical account of the same shortcomings over and over again.  The best parts are transcriptions from other people I have met along the way through their writings – quite a mix – Robert Fritz, Austin Kleon, John Westerhoff, Lynda Barry, Byron Katie.  These somehow get absorbed into an aging brain and heart and may be shared later.  Looking at these five collectively I realize that none of these would all be on the same booklist of any of my friends or family – but one of them might be on one or more lists.  An enjoyable aspect of my life is moving in different circles and feeling comfortable in all of them.

But since it is one of those milestone birthday years, I had better get on with writing more – and looking to share some of this.  I need to imitate the small plant on my balcony which keeps stubbornly blooming though the newly arrived snow.