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Words, words, words

Here are a couple of nifty links to the New York Times Word Clouds on the conventions.  Word clouds vaguely fall into the category of maps because they are not unlike the keywords so beloved of search engine optimizers. They show a weighting of what is most important.These two are interesting to compare.

Here’s the Democrat one

And here’s one for the Republicans

Some quick comparisons are interesting. The Democrats reinforced the name of their candidate almost twice as many times ( I didn’t count the empty chair). Work was number two for both. Business rated twice as many mentions from the Republicans.  Jobs were number four for both with almost equal ratings. Women were number five for Democrats but don’t even appear as a word on the Republican map. Families are fairly equal. So are mentions of the economy. Middle class wins for the Democrats 145/19.  God wins for the Republicans 95/66. Health Care wins for the Democrats 111/21.

I presume these scans are created by putting the available speeches in a software program to bring some words to the top.  To be completely accurate they would have to include every speech, and they probably didn’t.  But they do present an interesting picture and different priorities.  As a Canadian, I don’t have a vote, but I do have a stake in the outcome. I know where I would vote.