Creating, Learning

Space, time, time, confidence and humour

All of these now have had their own space.

  • I was about the throw the original drawing out because I appeared to have messed it up so completely. but I gave it 24 hours
  • Coming back to it, it didn’t seem quite as hopeless as a I thought
  • I was prepared to give it one last go – what did I really have to lose?
  • From no confidence to a little, a bit more started to emerge
  • Humour clearly said that the finished version was neither as bad – nor as good as I thought!  So I stopped.

The drawing had changed.  The original looked younger than the subject.  The photo reference actually does make the subject look younger than he now is – and soon he will look much older.  So the constructions on the right are samples of some of the imaginative constructions of his own. What sometimes seems like daydreaming is actually full of ideas.

Now off for a few days of vacation . . .