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So how did it go?

Yesterday I wrote about and illustrated Cleese’s creative process and then took up the challenge of following it.  So how did it go? In a word – badly.  That was the judgment at the end of this trial run.  When one follows Cleese’s pattern of operation

  • He suggests that one provide Space – freedom from all distractions. The space was provided, but not immediately.
  • Time –  the time followed exactly the pattern of step three where one sits down, but instead is distracted to do other things – I ended up doing a number of things to clear the time so that it would be unimpeded –  and that was basically dishonest
  • Time – Once started, I found myself charging in too fast – probably in response to steps one and two above
  • Confidence – I started with too much and then noted it waned as I proceeded, instead of the other way around
  • Humour – comes more slowly. I stopped after nearly an hour and a half and accepted that I had ruined the original drawing. The light of day confirms that impression.

So the choice now is give up or keep going

  • I’ll go the second route.  After all, this project was the second try on the subject.  Sometimes it takes more than one – and learning as one goes. It’s not about perfection – it’s just about better.  This time it isn’t about drawing.  It’s about learning the process.  Stay tuned.