Cleese on Creativity

Sometimes my best role is to be a curator of the wisdom of others:  The whole video is well worth a watch if you have 30 minutes.  If not, take in the main things that are needed.  Creativity is not talent based – it’s operational.  And what it needs is the following

  • Space  (outside the normal routines of work
  • Time  (about 1.5 hours max, Cleese says)
  • Time (no, the repeat is not a mistake. It is time to make a choice between all the usual things we always think up to help us avoid preceding with the first and second above
  • Confidence – the ability to continue in a playful mode without judging at this point – that can come much later
  • Humour – the ability to retain perspective.  Wait for the story of the sex life of a pilot if you can

So here is the link

And now I am off to work on a painting for an hour and a half!  Here is where I am at so far.