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Recently I have watched a project falter.  A large organization made a bet that two co-leaders could accomplish the founding of a new project in record time and put a large amount of venture capital into the mix. In just over three years both leaders have left without any clear legacy for going forward and it will be very difficult for any of those remaining to sustain it.

Most of the problems rest with the parent organization. Their own leaders were so focused on a success that they projected capability and capacity on others. As a former teacher, I know the feeling. Sometimes we see possibility in a student that we can encourage and allow to flower. At other times it may be more about our own desire for success than what we can realistically expect from others. There was an attitude of Ready, Fire, Aim rather than careful reflection on what a realistic outcome might be and the time it would take to accomplish it. Throwing money at it was not the answer.  Ironically the money that was thrown wasn’t adequate for the task. But even more money would not have made it sustainable.