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Frameworks for Possibility

New Day

In times of fear and greed, what the Zanders call for is standing firm in the realm of possibility. And this depends on leadership. It often involves asking a new question rather than finding answers to old ones, or reinterpreting to gain a new understanding of purpose.

Ben tells a lovely story of his student orchestra in South America playing magnificently and then staying up late, annoying the hotel patrons with noise, going to bars when they were under age – all typical student exuberance. Rather than bawling them out the next morning for bad behaviour he simply asked them the purpose of the tour, – musical excellence only or ambassador? The kids got it and looked sheepish.

He goes after mission statements and their blandness. I did the same thing recently with a prospective client when I observed that their mission statement wasn’t a mission statement at all. It simply described what they did. If they wanted to gain support from others, they would have to provide some inspiration based on their higher purpose instead of their collective job description. Vision after all is something that people have to see and be inspired by

And he asked his music students to write complimentary letters to the NASA team before he went there to give a workshop. The kids provided the burnt out NASA employees with new energy as they realized what their efforts meant to others. As in other chapters, memorable stories provide a way to move others where we want them to go.