Benjamin Zander, character, Reflection

Being a Contribution

Yesterday, after working with a group that was shooting down suggestions of things that they might do to improve their situation, I impolitely observed that they were very good at knowing how changes wouldn’t work. At least one responded with a wry smile.

Zander points out how much we are all driven to be successful with its attendant fear of failure- whether we recognize it or not. After an experience of personal adversity, he recognized the pitfalls in this approach – ending up asking whether we are loved in our own right or just for our accomplishments. He switched to another question . “How can I be a contribution today?” It helps one focus on the immediate. As his story reveals, throwing one starfish that has landed on the shore back into he sea will not make a difference to thousands of starfish marooned on the beach – but it will have a positive effect on one of them