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Possibility over Measurement

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He notes our everyday world has an immense focus on measurement – calendars, clocks, buzzers, alarms – that are largely calls to get on with it, to do more, to climb higher, to strive for success – or even just basically survive. When we say it’s a jungle out there, our reptile brain is sometimes more ascendant than we recognize. Look at any morning paper from the news section, to the sports section, to the business, section and even the style section – and it is mostly about winning and losing and exemplifies survival thinking.

The trouble with this approach, Zander notes, is that it provokes fear. We see it too in our need to acquire more to feel safe, to focus on scarcity and to drain the earth of resources. So he suggests that we ask ourselves how many of our thoughts relate to this measurement world.

Of course, knowing that a lot of them do results in new awareness. But it’s just an early step in the journey. There’s more to come.


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