Benjamin Zander, Creating, Innovation, Reflection, self realization

It’s all invented

Ben and Roz Zander remind us that we all see life through a particular lens – in other words we make it up. Among the things we do is define what it means to be human, we open up new ways to think and act. At our best, they say, we create flight paths to the eternal.

Ben’s musical background has taught him the importance of the long line. If you watch his TED talk, that appears earlier in the blog, he demonstrates how a beginning pianist starts to understand what he is playing – first bay emphasizing every note, then every other one, then one in four – based on the bar lines of the music. He observes that these emphases could be the way we organize our lives and that most ten year old pianists give up at this point. But the one who hangs in suddenly discovers the long line of the music that goes well beyond the limits of bar lines – the beauty of the shape that soars as we journey with it.

The chapter ends with a kicker – “Transformation happens not by arguing, but by generating active ongoing practices that shift the culture’s experience of the basis of reality. Geared to a shift in posture, perceptions, beliefs and thought processes. These are not easy”, he says.