Innovation, Reflection, Robert Genn, Seth Godin

A couple of good suggestions

One from Seth Godin – Write down what you delivered this year. He even uses the word “shipped” to make it specific. It might be a nice surprise if you thought you hadn’t done much. But whatever it is, it describes where you are now.

The other from Robert Genn. Make bets on what is on the way out. Genn cites newspapers and paper paper books for a start – fewer trees disappearing – and he lives in BC so it takes some imagination to imagine how many trees are disappearing from there when there are still so many. He likes the fact that authors still get paid – in fact they may be paid more. Paper mail is also lessening. Notice how your holiday cards are already down this year. But the good news is that fine art is up.

So what other things will go? Video stores, obviously. I’m prepared to bet that social networking will be in for a change when one of my sons threatens to leave Facebook. What will grab him next? The good thing about a new decade is that change is in store – and open to possibilities. May yours be great ones.