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Structural Dynamics -Part 2

As Robert Fritz observes, problems won’t organize you. You can solve your problems but still not have what you want. To do that you have to create a preferred outcome, recognize where you are now and then map actions to achieve that result.

Discipline isn’t natural, Fritz says. We want to avoid conflict so we often oscillate between the desired result and the current position. But if we know what we want, undertaking the necessary discipline to achieve it is the secondary choice we have to make to achieve the primary choice of what we want.

Fritz helps his workshop participants map these processes with charts – and you can now take the course Your Life as Art online at a very reasonable cost. You can even create your own project charts on the site and update them online. There’s more on that here

While the folks at Jump are making big bucks in trying to help folks become more innovative, I vote in favour of Robert Fritz’s wisdom. And as composer and winning film maker, the proof might just be in the pudding.