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One of my favourite images of the year is one a padded post – to keep smart phone users from bumping into it and banging their heards. I have no idea whether it has been staged, – purportedly it exists in London England, but it strikes me as a great message for how we are evolving.

Ann Herrmann CEO of Herrmann International uses it as an example of what she calls Hyper-Thinking, – multi-tasking to the extent that we lose all contact with the real world of which we are a part. I see it in my children and grandchildren. I see it in myself from time to time.

Stanford University researchers confirm that multi-taskers perform much more poorly than they think.

The solutions

– Face the fact that complex issues need focused attention
– Plan time to work without interruption; schedule such time and commit to it
– Recognize that your own experience may provide as many insights as Google and let nature influence you at least as much as technology
– Try doodling as an alternative to surfing ( incidentally Mind Mapping with images is a great form of doodling)

Ann also recommends Herrmann International’s Thinking Magnet. It looks like a great tool. More on that later.