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Who manages the leader?

In a volunteer project that I spend a lot of time on, we have been frustrated waiting for a reply for months from a funding body who promised to support a position financially. While a commitment was made by the leader, nothing has happened since the end of March. We have a potential employee waiting in the wings who would like an answer and so would we. The leader in the case has many commitments, local, national and international. So it not surprising that things slip through the cracks. A large and undoubtedly overworked staff work in silos that don't always communicate.

It wasn't supposed to be like this when we could copy a number of people on any e-mail transmittal – and we do. One even asked to be taken out of the loop. No one up to now seemed to want to take any initiative. So it was really welcome when someone stuck his neck out yesterday and actually did something to move the item along the line.

But it is the exception not the rule.