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Testing preferences

I asked ten people to evaluate the new Thinking Accelerator as part of a small study on behalf of Herrmann International. Another 10 persons completed the assessment and received the print material package only. All of the 20 worked in team situations. Some were ordained clergy and others were not.
Six were students studying theology but only three were proceeding toward ordination as clergy.

The results were very similar to those of the 400 preceding participants – all were high in preference for innovation and intuition. Most also showed high preference for using emotion and concern for people. Their preference for organizing varied but fell within a mid range. But their preference for analysis and discernment was low with one exception. That person, how a student, had founded and run her own business for several years, and was the only one to show balanced high preference for all the four quadrants. What does this do to organizations when senior leaders are missing a key preference?