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Need for Nature

I’m lap-topping from beautiful Bowen Island in BC – a three week respite from the usual routine of board meetings, project research, interviews and constant responses to people’s questions and concerns. It has taken at least three days to get used to a time change and unwind. There are spectacular views in all directions on top of Cates Hill – one vista faces Horseshoe Bay, a twenty minute ferry ride away; another, an island lake; still others look to nearby hills and mountains with a variety of evergreens and a constantly changing scene as valleys fill with clouds and light filters through in a magical way.

How different from downtown Toronto, my normal abode where trains run close by both on the surface and underground. The silence here is palpable – and the eye is always drawn to natural delights.

We need these pauses. I’ve been reviewing and condensing notebooks written over the last five years. Some ideas are now integrated; some are reminders; some are newly important for new contexts. It’s a luxury to do this. But it’s also a reminder that one can do it without necessarily travelling three thousand kilometres in the process.

Best wishes for a peaceful and restful holiday of your own.