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The HBDI Picnic


As children head back to school, outdoor picnics are going to be a thing of the past – even though the early fall weather here in Toronto is the summer we never had.

My own back-to-school involves reviewing and re-reading to consolidate what I already know about the HBDI – and I enjoyed re-reading Ned Herrmann’s account of a picnic attended by four quadrant families with extreme preferences for particular styles of thinking.

The A family – Mr. and Mrs Rational, and their kids, Logical, Analytic, Quantitative and Factual left their upper right apartment in the complex and brought their stainless steel high tech barbecue grill. Mr. and Mrs. Organized insisted the a strict time schedule would be necessary for their children, Sequential, Structured, Detailed and Linear – and they were extremely wary when Mr. and Mrs. Feeling thought they might invite relatives to come along with their offspring, Interpersonal, Emotional, Musical and Spiritual. How were they going to assess costs fairly?

Mr. and Mrs. Experimental essentially ignored the others and put their children, Imaginative, Synthesizing, Artistic and Conceptualizing to creating seafood stuffed sausages. 

Well you get the picture. We all bring our preferences to everything we do. Let’s hope that the kids enjoyed the picnic in their own way – and that they now have teachers who will respect their differences.  Teachers as a group generally have less tolerance for the kids in the Experimental family – and yet these are our best hope for true innovation and creativity – so long as they can learn to respect and cooperate with all the other kids.