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Mind Map Art – Part 2


Being naturally competive I had to make a hand drawn map of my own, – and what better person to choose than Twyla Tharp and her book, The Creative Habit. My daughter-in-law asked to borrow it the other night and I didn’t want to loan it an lose the wisdom it contains.  As I mentioned in the previous post, maps are highly personal. It might not make much sense to any other eyes but mine – but the main points of the book are there, and I can review them regularly to see how I may be succeeding in my own creative objectives, – or not!  It the answer is negative, at least there are ways presented here to remedy it.


2 thoughts on “Mind Map Art – Part 2

  1. dynamicthinker says:

    You probably think I am a failed Buzan consultant even though I was licensed by the organization in 1994! I agree with Tony’s precepts on the expandability of the single word – especially when it provides more options. For example, “bad day” on a branch would limit the options to things pertaining to bad, whereas expanding “day” would allow for “good”, “bad” or “in-between” going forward. I think this rule is very valuable when it is applied to developing ideas – but not quite as relevant to trying to retain them, which is what this map does. The Twyla Tharp phrases are really memorable and that is why I drew the map that way.

    Where phrases really work better is in the area of keywords in web searches. I actually got an all-expenses-paid trip to South Africa to speak at the International Hotel and Restaurant Association, because my site brought a searcher to “Business Creativity”. That was a lucky break, – but I am also quite sure that “business” or “creativity” by themselves would never have allowed them to find me.

    Best regards

  2. Editor says:

    Hi I agree drawing a Mind Map by hand has an amazing therapeutic effect, I will often produce a map just for the sake of it and to make it look as artistic as possible, however when I do this I always make sure that I follow the 7 golden rules of Buzan Mind Mapping. The most important of all is the ‘one word per branch’ which enables the user to expand more on the branches, the map you show above has multiple words per line which limits your map considerably. When I am teaching Mind Mapping I have spend a lot of time with my delegates ensuring that they understand and use the one word per line rule. Once they have mastered this I can be assured that they have understood all the rules of Mind Mapping

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