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Mind Map Art

When I studied Mind Mapping with the Buzan Organization several years ago, computer mind mapping was still pretty new – and the program that they recommended was a .dos one – now it seems like ancient history. So one of the objectives in class was to make maps as beautiful as possible using color, dimension and visual images. There is lots of merit in thinking visually. In fact this was the impetus for learning more about drawing and painting on a serious basis and I took myself to the Avenue Road Art School in Toronto, where I have studied on an annual basis ever since under their excellent instructors.

My maps gravitated to VisiMap software which I have used ever since to generate maps. I would be the first to say that VisiMap is not the most graceful of the many mind mapping products out there – but its purpose is different. It’s to get ideas down quickly and have better ease in expanding and re-ordering. The basis is the same as hand drawn maps, – to make use of the brain’s ability to make quick connections.

I came upon a site yesterday which specializes in mind map art as a commercial venture. I’m not a total stranger to the concept and some of the maps on the site are quite beautiful. I would. however, present a caveat. Hand drawn maps are usually highly personal. The meaning is vested in the hand of the creator. Maps that are used by groups need to watch the density of the information on a single screen. The point is to clarify thinking – not to make it overly complex.