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The Creativity Gap

I’m busy redesigning my website. The basics required new software to program it as the original one, MS Front Page was no longer supported. For a micro business it always made sense to do it myself so I was looking for a replacement – my good colleague at CoCo Systems made a suggestion and even found me a good price at an upgrade rate. So I spent two weeks painfully learning Expression Web 2 – and of course got a message this morning from Amazon’s intuitive marketing arm that it is now replaced by Expression Web 3.

The guys at Microsoft and Apple are always moving on, but what about the rest of us? In the process of researching key words – the ones that allow customers to find out what they are interested in – using the Webmaster Tools provided by several services, here are some scores for phrases that one might think might matter. They refer to the number of recent searches (during a month or more) for the terms that link them to websites which offer information or services.

Business Creativity
Word Tracker – 82
Google – 6600 (this looks good until you compare it with online training at 673,000)
MSN – 0

Creativity in business
Word Tracker – 10
Google – 4400
MSN – 19

It reminded me of the trouble Ned Herrmann had many years ago when he tried to use the word, creativity, in a business environment and had to switch to Problem Solving which is not the same thing, – or even worse, that Goebbels was purported to say “When I hear the word, creativity, I reach for my revolver”.

Yes, it’s dangerous. Yes, it will shake things up – but yes, it’s essential.