Help in Tough Times

Here’s what one of our Australian colleagues said about the use of the HBDI

To survive the current financial environment businesses need to adopt Whole Brain ThinkingTM now more than ever.

According to Michael Morgan, CEO of Herrmann International Asia: “It’s about maintaining a Whole BrainTM approach to business management to ensure we don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. The actions we take now will determine how fit we are for the future. For example, history has shown that companies who retain staff during tougher financial times will be a step ahead of other companies when the economy rebounds.”

The typical response to this type of economic crisis is greater government regulation and increased business conservatism. The danger in an over-regulated and conservative market is that it is too easy to miss the next wave of business opportunities.

Organisations need to maintain a balanced focus, and the Whole Brain Model provides a way of doing that both now and for the future.

In this day of doom and gloom and talk of recession and depression, it is imperative to maintain strict financial awareness and to adopt a more intraspective business focus, however, this must be balanced inside a longer-term business strategy for growth.