Creativity Unleashed

Here’s what a leading firm had to say about VisiMap:

VisiMap implements a single creativity tool in great depth. The approach is based on mind mapping, developed by Tony Buzan. While conventional notes are written linearly, the mind works in a different way. Each new thought may be sparked off another; different links form – the result is an organic web rather than a simple list. A mind map is an attempt to represent this structure visually.
Like all mind maps, VisiMap starts with a central blob – the topic or key idea. From there, branches radiate out, carrying keywords that form the main subjects. Each of these can have smaller branches, and so on. The reason mind maps work so well is that you don’t need to build the branches in any order. As a new thought comes up you can slot it anywhere in the structure. This makes them great for making notes in a meeting or for generating new thinking. Structuring information in a mind map also makes it much easier to remember.
VisiMap does a lot to make your on-screen map effective. You can control the colour and fonts of the different branches, and add icons to give a more powerful image. Each branch can carry an associated note, shown in a split window at the bottom of the screen. To be effective, a tool for generating maps should make it extremely easy to pour information in, and then to restructure it. VisiMap has got this off to a fine art. Adding a new branch is simply a matter of clicking on the start point and typing. The style facility makes it is easy to define colours and fonts for a particular level.
Similarly, restructuring the map to look the way you want it can easily be achieved by drag and drop. Once you’ve generated your ideas or made your notes, VisiMap can switch between a map and an outline view, and can pump your text into a word processor ready to polish up. If you use Word or Ami Pro, you can even export the information as an outline that the word processor will recognise. There’s a good range of graphic formats supported, plus a surprisingly effective option to generate HTML.
There will always be a place for quick sketch maps on paper, but VisiMap does a great job of putting mind maps onto the screen, and keeps the process easy enough to be quick, an essential when dealing with ideas. This is an excellent program that in the new version 4 has excellent abilities to transfer information to Office products.