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Productivity Improvement

My own productivity in writing this blog REALLY needs improvement. The truth is that I am still occupied with other projects to a degree that have precluded balance. They are well organized and I am accomplishing good things in other places. But I am trying to work on continuing on something that I have started. I share that concern with another blogger whose comments reminded me of it today.

He is also familiar with the HBDI and his profile preferences are in the following order: DACB. That means that his preferences sound like this: Big picture thinking, Analysis, People orientation and Procedure/Process. My own are in a different order: DCBA.

The HBDI debriefing materials have some excellent suggestions for working on less preferred quadrants. While it is advantageous to work from strength, it is also good to note one’s less preferred preferences and become somewhat more comfortable with them.

The writer has decided to improve his B Quadrant function by keeping a time log and writing what he is doing down every 15 minutes. He’s on the right trackfor that one. I’ll improve my quadrant A by balancing my accounts, – both personal and business.

A good C activity would be to play with your kids, – or listen to music that you love. A good D activity would be to take 500 digital pictures in one session.

Note that the common factor in all these is time. How we spend it really determines the quality – and the balance of our lives.