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Free VisiMap Templates

Thanks to a good suggestion from customer George Ruggiero, I have now made many of the maps used as illustrations in my book See What You Think available in template format. This means you don’t have to create them yourself and can personalize them to suit your own needs. You can find them here if you scroll down the middle of the page. There are 20 maps for a start, including several from the book and a few others. Evaluators of VisiMap (you can try it for 30 days at no cost or obligation by going here) might find it useful to look at complete maps.

You are free to use them or publish them in any way you wish. Giving me credit is nice, but not in any way obligatory. And now there is an avenue, kindly provided by VisiMap to share your own maps. You can submit yours for download here. It’s a free way to make the world a little better and more productive – as well as being a creative publisher. So please add to our collection.And don’t forget the power of conversion. I’ve had to do several presentations recently and the ability to do the quick export of an image (lots of conversion options in the drop down menu) or a Word or PowerPoint export gets you up and running in no time.