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Not quite Death by Powerpoint

Lest you think I have been snowed in for the past two weeks, I have instead been snowed under with work for an organization that is faced with too many buildings in a geographic area and not enough people using them to warrant their continuing operation – and what to do about it. In the not-for-profit world, these are life cycle issues. To provide some context in a recent meeting, I was forced to rely on the dreaded PowerPoint.

But I learned something that I should have known all along. In thinking through the points I needed to make in map format, I was surprised that I could simply export the map into PowerPoint with the click of a mouse. The little icon was in the tool bar all the time, but I had never needed to use it until then. The first level branches automatically became headings and the sub branches translated into bullets – not too many lines made it to the screen, which is as it should be.

It’s a reminder that any software – and many other familiar tools, have options that we seldom use, but would lessen our workload. We seldom take full advantage of things that are right under our noses.