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On the Road Again

I’m in a comfortable hotel room near Niagara Falls, awaiting a conference engagement tomorrow morning – and arriving early to avoid the snow storm of the year which the Weather Station is very excited about. I’m about to deliver a training session in the HBDI for 50 employees on their annual conference.

I am the first to get a bird’s eye view of this group from the composite view of their individual profiles and they are impressive in their balance- though as is predictable, they could use a bit more C (expressiveness) and D (big picture thinking in their approach.

The Globe and Mail last week quoted Steve Pinker speaking at a conference saying that his assembled group needed to use their right brain more. Since I was not present, I’m not sure whether he was quoted accurately. I know that if the late Ned Herrmann, inventor of the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), has been present, it is more likely that he would have said use the right brain in the appropriate situation. It is not as though one side of the brain is superior to the other. Both sides have their roles and we are lucky to have the capability to use both.

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