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The Perfect Storm – #3

Don Tapscott has always been interested in the young. In Growing Up Digital, he initially thought, like Garrison Keillor, that all his own kids were above average technologically, – until he realized that their friends also seemed to be geniuses too. Now he is more focused on what this new generation will bring to the workplace, – and it is a very different style of participation that will at first cause conflicts with the existing workforce. The old style was not about sharing, collaborating, socializing or creating. The new one is.

In reading and reflecting on Wikinomics, I can’t help thinking that we are seeing a sea change that could affect the balance that Ned Herrmann saw in the HBDI. In every group of 100 people, he found, there is a good balance between those who favour, fact, function, feeling and future – and he named these quadrants A, B, C, and D. The new generation appears to be showing a shift to those characteristics that Herrmann attributed to preferences characterized by the right side of the brain. The old business environment would hardly be characterized as social. The new one, by the sheer force of numbers in this cohort, will be.

So here is a simple map to evaluate where your work force stands now. These are the key words valued by the young. Does your organization encourage these attributes or squelsh them? The answer may well relate to your future.

And if you want to know more about the HBDI, there is a free chapter for download this week here.