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The Perfect Storm -#2

While I’ve skimmed the entire text of Wikinomics, I’m still focused on some of the ideas and insights of Chapter 2 – and have had a good time surfing some of the sites that Don Tapscott assumes that we should know about. There is now no excuse to avoid self-development because the opportunities for ordinary people to learn something new are tremendous. And the ability to link with others and how this linkage will change the world is the main thesis of this important book.

Here are some statistics about the Blogosphere – there are now 50 million of them, 1.5 million posts daily – and this is one of them – and a new one created every second. Sound like way too much information? The beauty is that it has never been possible to know all we need to know – and we can now humbly accept this – and focus on what we really do need and want to know.

Goals are an interesting area – you can see a previous post here about New Year’s Resolutions, created at a time when most of us tune in to them. One of the more interesting social sites is one created by the man who brought personalization to the Amazon site. You have probably logged on to find some suggested things to buy, based on your previous choices. Josh Peterson took what early website creators knew – and I actually had a site in the early 1990’s before my software testing son did – that the way to help people find your site was to insert metatags – now simply called Tags. Metatags are data about data. So if you are interested in Business Creativity, you Google that. When the International Hotel and Restaurant Association based in Paris was looking for a conference speaker, a 20 something researcher typed that in, and the end result was an all expense trip to South Africa for me. Not a bad result for typing two words into the .html.

Peterson decided that it would be interesting to bring people together to talk about their common goals. He calls the site 43 things. The idea is wonderful. But the top daily and all time goals?? I can’t resist mapping them to show you them here! To a geeky grandmother some seem so attainable that one wonders why they are on the list at all. Some are probably unattainable (See the Happiness Hypothesis previous post) Some are still around- procrastination, for example, is common to all of us. The point of the site is that people can share their goals in a massive way – and this collective sharing is part of a new culture that for good or ill is now with us. Let’s hope that such a community helps its members to discern what goals will really contribute to a fulfilling and meaningful life for them both as individuals and for the planet we inhabit.

Try your own goals – and share them on 43 Things or here if you like. And if you want to know about VisiMap, the program that I created this diagram with, visit my store, which this week features a free eBook on getting started with the software.