Learning Wikinomics

I never studied economics in my university days, but I have studied Don Tapscott. I first encountered Don in the early ‘90’s before he became a well known promoter and educator of the world of technology. So when I learned that he was speaking to the Canadian Club of Toronto, I decided to check out what he was up to.

I was seated at a table of interesting people, a manager of investments for high net-worth individuals, two engineers involved in oil and gas industry exploration and development and three members of the Innovation Institute of Ontario – the last three were on the other side of the table, so that about all we were able to say was, “Hello”. After a very good lunch in the Imperial Room of the Fairmont Royal York, one of Canada’s dowager hotels, Don was introduced and started to speak.

I appeared to be about the only one of the over 200 people in the room taking notes – and predictably it was in mind map format. At the end of the very enlightening and entertaining address, some of the others at the table were interested in the map – so I promised to send a copy to them. My hand map was messy, but it took only a short time to enter it into VisiMap. That way I now had a file that was easily readable and transportable as an eMail attachment.

I bought the book as many others did. It has already sold 65,000 copies and is discounted on Amazon and Chapters – either they think that the main audience has already bought it or they know it will draw others into the store and site. I suspect that Don would approve of this as a real life example of Wikinomics. A quick look confirms that I “got it” – I have the main headings and models correctly structured. I was also include his responses to questions from the floor. I’ll read Wikinomics quickly with some advance knowledge of what’s in it and spend more of my energy on how it relates to other things I’m interested in. I’ll try to put it into action.

My challenge is – Why aren’t more people mapping speeches? I’m happy to share my notes as I do here. But if you want to absorb new ideas, it really helps to get them down as they come at you. And if they are in a format that can be easily shared, as software like VisiMap allows, then we can collaborate in real life in exactly the way Don Tapscott proposes. Here’s my collaborative contribution. The file is small but becomes readable when you increase the size of the image to 100% or more.