Preach What You Practise

On December 30, 2006 I conducted a training session in Mind Mapping for members of the Sisters of St. John the Divine, an Anglican religious community who are always open to new ideas that assist their busy life of prayer, serving those in need, and running a busy guest house that serves a variety of organizations and individuals needing a place to retreat. I was reminded of Tony’s Buzan’s advice to us, when I trained with him some years ago, “Don’t practise what you preach, – preach what you practise”. In other words, there is no point in telling others to do things that you don’t do yourself on a regular basis.

So on New Year’s Day I created a map illustrating several areas of priority in my own life. They include work, learning, family and friends, volunteer commitments, health and well being and spiritual growth – a short list but a ton of priorities – my map has many sub-branches. Looking at the map daily is a way to see what priorities have to come to the fore in the next 24 hours. So far the result has been a better balance – not only of work priorities, but of those of the whole of my life. A mini map of tasks is a good way to set the priorities for the day. And it’s a lot more relevant and fun to look at than my Outlook task list. It gives a better sense of perspective of the big picture.

As promised the Storefront now contains a free copy of Chapter 2 of See What You Think. It is entitled “Your Amazing Brain” and you can find it here.