Mapping by hand

Yesterday I reviewed the events of the coming week that were not work related. They seemed quite demanding with many advance preparations and I felt somewhat overwhelmed. So rather than running to the laptop, I reached for a flower vase full of coloured pens and started drawing a bunch of coloured strands depicting what seemed to be interwoven ribbons of complexity – and voilà – a map centre. It seemed logical to list the days of the week on branches of different colours – and start with the events of the days. Then I thought about what had to proceed each event in terms of actions on my part. Since I already had a colour code, I added some tasks for each day relating to the coming events – all in their selected colours.

If I could put the events of the week on one page, they suddenly became manageable. So I’ve included the map here, just to demonstrate the value of putting it all down. There were not any real work assignments on this map. These involve my personal rather than my professional life. But because I felt less stressed and better organized, I got the items on the Outlook Task list done too.

It’s only Tuesday, but I feel much better already about the busy week. Using this notation and using the related capability of colour is the lesson of this exercise.

Best regards
Norah Bolton