Productivity Software – and Blogs

Chuck Frey has recently posted an article about my new book, See What You Think! How to Work Better and Faster with VisiMap. I’m very grateful to him for the nice things he has to say about it. He is one of the best proponents of Mind Mapping and you will enjoy reading his blog if the topics on this blog interests you. You will also enjoy Chuck’s ebook on the same subject. Chuck also publishes Innovation Tools a regular newsletter on productivity and effectiveness for business readers. I have enjoyed it for years and commend it highly.

In a recent video cam conversation with my son, Michael, a consultant who travels the world to teach software testing, I remarked that one of the difficulties with visual mapping software is to fit it into the familiar categories. It’s not database software or spreadsheet software or really project management software – though most of us use it frequently for that. Michael had a better category. “It’s productivity software”, he said. Like a wordprocessor, it helps a writer do what he or she has to do faster with more options. So for a mindmapper, visual mapping software takes the process well beyond the capability of using it by hand.

Productivity counts. So use tools and blogs to increase your imagination and effectiveness.